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Small firms working ‘five to nine’



We may have passed the longest day of the year, but new research from business information portal Check Business shows Britain’s small businesses are clocking up longer and longer hours.


Rather than sticking to the classic 9am – 5pm working day, small business owners stay on for the night shift. More work ‘five to nine’ to keep the economy growing. An analysis of more than one hundred thousand firms using Check Business reveals that in total 45 per cent research outside of traditional working hours, more than a quarter of weekday traffic comes in the evenings, and at weekends small business owners are busiest after 6pm, with their work peaking on a Sunday evening. 


Founder of Check Business, Conrad Ford, said clocking off at 5pm is a luxury.


“Evenings and weekends are reserved for research, reflection and strategy,” he said.


Covering the first three months of 2014, the analysis looked at visitors who used the Check Business website to research other businesses, suppliers or competitors. Examples of ‘five to nine’ activities include looking up new customers or suppliers to check credit scores and see if they have a history of bad debt, reviewing their own business profile, and downloading the annual accounts and returns of their competitors and prospects, to stay ahead.


For further information please telephone 0845 366 4199 or visit www.check-business.co.uk 

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