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Allergen challenge for food processors

Agrantec, the British agri-food supply chain management service company, has devised a solution which allows food to be recorded as it is delivered from suppliers and tracked through food processes. 


The detailed tracking information can, if required, be delivered to consumers through QR code-based labelling linking to the ‘Follow This Food’ website. The company also believes that food service companies which embrace the new regulatory environment could benefit from an increase in business.


Head of marketing at Agrantec Robin Burton said a growing awareness of allergens has created a number of new market niches. Around 11 per cent of the UK population, for example, avoids gluten for health or lifestyle reasons and more than 30 per cent of restaurant choices are, to some extent, influenced by allergenic or religious dietary considerations.


Food service providers who properly take care of these issues are likely to build a loyal following and win highly profitable business.


Agrantec’s tracing system can also show consumers other information such as the farms which supplied the key raw ingredients, together with the total food miles.


For further information please telephone 07843 241 371, email robin.burton@agrantec.com or visit www.agrantec.com 

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