• Mr Lee’s Noodles

    Mr Lee’s Noodles

    Mr Lee’s Pure Foods – the globally acclaimed, award-winning brand of gourmet instant noodles founded by Damien Lee – twice cancer survivor – have reformulated their innovative recipes by further balancing their seasoning levels, introducing generous chunks of 100% chicken breast alongside their market-leading amounts of freeze-dried veggies and proteins. The gluten-free range of 6

  • LA Brewery

    LA Brewery

    Suffolk based drinks manufacturer LA Brewery have launched a new flavour to their range of soft drinks. The Citrus Hops Kombucha is infused with Citra and Cascade hops. The company are aware of the amount of people that are looking for good quality, non-alcoholic drinks following an increase in the sales of no and low

  • HECK


    HECK provide plant-based alternatives to sausages and burgers. With the vegan/vegetarian market continuously growing, HECK have launched four new products. The Sweet Fusion burger: Fragrant Thai pesto, sweet potato, quinoa and sticky rice The Bollywood burger: Indian-style with cauliflower, lentils, pulses and seeds, spiced up with chilli, ginger, cumin and tumeric The Supergreens burger: Quinoa,

  • Aero Bliss Chocolates

    Aero Bliss Chocolates

    Nestle have launched a new Aero product – Aero Bliss – which are truffle like mini chocolates, perfect for sharing occasions. Following on from the launch of the Kit Kat senses, these chocolates come in three different flavours – milk chocolate, salted caramel and praline. The launch began in April in Asda and Morrisons and

  • Playin Choc

    Playin Choc

    Chocolate manufacturer Playin Choc have launched a new flavour for their Smooth + Creamy chocolates. The organic, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and no refined sugar chocolates are made from three ingredients – cacao, coconut and vanilla. The new recipe launched in May and the products have anticipated sales of £3 million from May

  • Cawston Press

    Cawston Press

    Finding a product that’s less sweet than your average soft drink, but taster than plain water, can prove difficult. With its two new flavoured sparkling waters, one with a twist of raspberry, the other a twist of lemon and ginger, Cawston Press is looking to plug the gap.At 10 calories a can, the new drinks

  • Delamere Dairy

    Delamere Dairy

    Delamere Dairy has extended its ‘Planted’ drinks range with two new flavours. Almond Drink with Coffee and Oat Drink with Date & Vanilla are intended to capitalise on the ready to go drink sector. They’re dairy-free and suitable for vegans: Think milkshake alternative, but also suitable for those seeking a healthy refreshment that’s a bit

  • Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm

    Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm

    Is there such thing as the perfect roast potato? Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm believes so. It’s just released its new Garlic & Rosemary Roasting Potatoes – which are gluten free and suitable for vegans.There’s no need to peel, part boil or even season these tasty oven ready gems which is great news for the “time

  • Fudge Kitchen

    Fudge Kitchen

    Fudge Kitchen has launched a repackaged line up of small batch, hand-made caramels and brittles – with five new lines. Lemongrass & Chilli Brittle, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Rose Infused Caramels, Cocoa Nibbled Caramels and Chocolate Nut Pave are the new kids on the block. The honed range comes in new, elegant boxed packaging