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Print in-house with LX610e Pro

With so many label printing options available, why might the LX610e Pro be the solution for your needs?

Labels are a crucial part of any packaging. They have a strong impact on the purchasing process of consumers by drawing attention to a product, either because of a special shape, structure or material, a certain colouring, photo-realistic printing or special metallic highlights. In addition, labels contain plenty of information such as ingredients and allergens that can influence consumers to buy a product or look for an alternative.

There are so many different label materials and label printers available that manufacturers and producers can choose the right solution that fits their requirements and needs, especially when they want to move the label printing in-house.

More and more companies are taking that step and deciding to print their own labels. Reasons for that vary, from not wanting to rely on external suppliers to avoiding having to place higher volume orders than they actually need just to get a good price. Or wanting to be sustainable and environmental-friendly, where ordering more than you actually need would contradict that.

Producing labels in-house allows businesses to take advantage of printing on-demand with the right solution, including printing exactly what you need, which leads to less stock and less wastage.

DTM Print offers a range of different label printers. One of them is the LX610e Pro Color Label Printer with the unique feature to print and cut any label shape with just one device in seconds. It combines colour inkjet label printing with a built-in digital die-cutting mechanism. The LX610e Pro prints in high resolution. The ink cartridge is swapped-out super quickly to print either with dye-based ink for brilliant, eye-popping colour or with pigment ink for maximum durability against water and UV light. As the printer utilises an ultra-high capacity single three-colour ink cartridge, users only need to replace and keep on-hand one item instead of multiple. In addition, they get a brand new printhead each time they change the cartridge, simplifying maintenance and dramatically lowering on-going operating costs for cleaning and service. In addition, the LX610e Pro supports an eco-friendly and sustainable business approach with a very low energy consumption, ultra-low weight by using less material, non-toxic ink supplies as well as 100% recyclable components.

DTM Print offers great additional benefits with all its products such as free label design software, a three-year warranty, support and service through local partners, and a large variety of approved label substrates under the brand “Genuine DTM Label Stock”.

To produce exceptional product labels for all kinds of applications you not only need advanced print technology as integrated in colour label printers offered by DTM Print but also high-quality material. One such substrate, which has been designed specifically for products where an authentic, natural and ecological look is desired, is DTM Grass Paper Eco. The natural grass fibres of the label give the paper material its unique, natural look. It is suitable for high-resolution and high-speed dye based and pigmented inkjet printing. The adhesive is an acrylic dispersion, permanent, solvent free and can be in direct food contact according to EU regulation No 10/2011.

For more information about the DTM Print portfolio visit https://dtm-print.eu/.

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