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Kite’s sustainable supermarket solutions

Established more than 20 years ago, this premier packaging supplier remains ahead of the game as the world of retail continues to evolve at lightening pace

Sourcing effective yet inexpensive packaging for low-profit fast-moving consumer goods can often be difficult. As they account for more than half of consumer spending, getting the packaging right to maintain quality of goods is of the utmost importance. Combined with challenges presented by consumers’ shift towards eco-conscious lifestyles, the online grocery boom, and inflation, the issue is exacerbated. As the number one online distributor of packaging in the UK, Kite Packaging can offer expert advice on which products are ideal for use in supermarkets.

Recently launched, Kite’s cardboard delivery trays are perfect for maximising efficiency across all boards. Cleverly constructed, the standard and small-sized trays come scored and with hand holes to allow for easy assembly and handling. With vents granting airflow and breathability, these trays are great for use with fresh produce and an ideal choice for supermarket retailers.

Featuring slots and tabs, the design also permits stacking making these trays perfect for storing, transporting and displaying goods whilst retaining space. Thus, the need for excess handling and packaging between stages becomes redundant, allowing optimisation of processes from warehouse to shop floor, and thus, greater economic and environmental sustainability.

The hard-wearing design encourages reuse, further conserving resources. Once the product is ready for disposal, it can be recycled kerbside, promoting a sustainable circular economy.

Kite’s bale arm crates are another such versatile storage solution ideal for supermarket use. They can be handled and moved easily in a supermarket setting owing to the bale arms and lightweight material. Stacking is enabled when the arms are extended. This, combined with the small ventilation holes on the surface, means these crates can be used to store extra stock as well as being great for displaying fresh produce on shop floors.

With the rise of online grocery shopping, bale arm crates present an all-around solution for retailers, especially for use at pick and pack stations. Goods can be packed in the crates, handled, delivered, and brought back for re-use all with ease. When the arms are retracted, nesting is enabled for effective storage, conserving space when not in use.

Recyclable and made from 100 percent recycled polymer, Kite’s bale arm crates can withstand heavy weights and are not compromised by the introduction of water whilst helping supermarket retailers adopt a more circular and sustainable approach to packaging.

Finally, our competitively-priced blue pallet wrap is a must-have for food packaging. With a considerably higher puncture resistance compared to other films on the market, this blown wrap puts greater force onto pallets. This results in strong load stability and well-secured goods, especially when facing the odds of transit from warehouse to shop floor. Sticking to pallets in environments as cold as -32˚C, Kite’s blue pallet wrap is also ideal for use where temperature sensitive goods are being stored or transported.

With years of expertise in the packaging industry, Kite Packaging can help supermarket retailers employ smart and effective solutions to reduce their carbon footprint little by little.


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