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Reliable production support and fully automatic waste disposal

GWP Packaging is part of GWP Group Ltd, one of the leading and most versatile providers of packaging solutions in Great Britain. Customer specific product and transport packaging made of corrugated cardboard is developed and produced in Cricklade, Wiltshire. The cost-efficient and sustainable productions process includes the HSM VK 4208 channel baling press from HSM, which fully automatically compresses and bales the waste die cut pieces ready for recycling.

James Pedley, Operations Manager of the division at GWP, said: “Our task is to design packaging solutions which perfectly showcase the packaged good at the point of sale and protect it from transport damage. The main priorities in the process are cost-efficiency and environmental compatibility.”

Even though the punching dies are designed so as to save as much material as possible some dies have to be returned to the recycling loop. Since October 2013 this has been achieved with the fully automatic support of the HSM VK 4208 channel baling press from HSM.

The HSM VK 4208 has been integrated into the production process and operates by means of air feeding. The waste which occurs at several die cutting machines is extracted by suction while production is ongoing and taken directly to the channel baling press to be shredded with blade ventilators into corrugated cardboard remnants. According to James Pedley, the reliability of the press has an effect on the efficiency of the entire process. “If it fails, production comes to a standstill for us…so we cannot afford to compromise on technical quality,” he said.

The Operations Manager regards the fully automatic operation of the HSM VK 4208 as another benefit. The collected material is compacted into bales and is then strapped automatically with wire. The bales weigh up to 420 kg.

GWP Packaging didn’t opt for HSM just like that. James Pedley took time to become acquainted with various suppliers across Europe and to compare technical options. Right from the start he was impressed by the professionalism of the advice from HSM as well as the flexibility with which the company could handle customer requirements. The performance and workmanship of the machines were the factors which finally convinced him. “You look at the HSM presses and literally see their high quality,” he said.


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