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SMI – thermal protection perfection

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) has been saving energy and money for some of the world’s biggest and best-known businesses since the 1980s.

The Telford-based company has become a leading thermal insulation supplier for the protection of food, chemicals, agricultural and home delivery products, and the client list is a who’s who of blue-chip brands, including top supermarkets, the NHS, and Ministry of Defence.

It’s all thanks to Tempro™, SMI’s remarkable lightweight thermal insulation material which has been scientifically proven to cut energy loss by at least 25 percent in chillers, and an amazing 33 percent in freezers.

Here, we spotlight two of SMI’s most popular products:


A revolutionary and cost-effective alternative to plastic strip curtains which are used in many coldrooms. Field trials indicate that the typical value of a Cold-Stop® curtain is at least 10 times greater than PVC strip types.

Tempro™ gives the curtains unique insulation properties, saving energy, and reducing hazardous floor ice.


  • Maximum return on investment in a minimum time period
  • Soft, user friendly and cannot be removed easily by staff
  • Low maintenance; easily cleaned, hygienic and easy to repair or replace should damage occur
  • Curtains are light, flexible, fit well and do not split thus avoiding the expense of frequent costly replacement
  • Field trials indicate the life of the curtain is 5-6 times longer than PVC strip types, providing substantial capital savings
  • Unique ‘cold lock’ system ensures that curtains fit neatly and effectively to the floor and ceiling, saving costly energy. Unique patented header arrangement is a design and efficiency breakthrough

Cold-Stop® curtains are available in standard widths of 300mm for pedestrian doors, 350mm for industrial pedestrian/forklift doors, or bespoke heights.

All come with deep, clear windows – single for pedestrian doors and double for industrial pedestrian/fork-lift doors. They are quickly and easily installed.

It is hard to believe the outside temperature of Cold Stop® curtains in a freezer can register 10°C at the same time as the inside surface records at –21°C – that’s a staggering 31°C difference.



When a vehicle’s back doors are open, Tempro™ curtains retain 100 percent of the air which has been expensively chilled or frozen.

Even when a driver is carrying out a delivery, only 25 percent of the door needs to be opened – saving you energy, and money.


  • A breakthrough in cost and energy savings for the food and temperature-sensitive delivery sectors
  • Unique header system holds four moveable curtains, creating an outstanding thermal energy barrier, saving enormous costs
  • The twin track, pelmet and double line Tempro™ curtain system is simple and versatile
  • Available in either a manual or touch button air-compressed configuration
  • Driver-friendly, and easily repaired, replaced or recycled
  • Curtains fitted with Bio-Gard anti-bacterial windows
  • Available as an option for new goods vehicles, or retrofitted



You’ll find product specifications, pictures, videos and ordering details on our website, www.seymour-mi.com. Why not visit our showroom and UK manufacturing centre in Telford to see Tempro™ in action for yourselves? Call us on 01952 201201, or email info@seymour-mi.com

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