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Riggs Autopack depositors and filling machines on show at PPMA

Riggs Autopack are exhibiting a selection of their depositors, filling machines and transfer pumps at the PPMA Show on Stand A20.

The Lancashire based company design and build their depositors and filling machinery at their 50,000 sq ft factory which incorporates the latest computer technology in design and production.

The machining centres and CNC lathes enables their machines to be manufactured to an extremely high standard and provides a quick response to customer’s bespoke orders.

They supply primarily to the UK food production industry. Due to the versatility and high-quality build of their equipment they also supply many other industries such as health and beauty, pharmaceutical, hygiene, industrial applications, pet food and automotive.

On the Riggs Autopack stand will be a range of semi and fully automatic depositors designed for small, medium, or large-scale producers. This includes a selection of the Model 1000 depositors and transfer pumps, designed for hot or cold liquid, semi-liquids and products containing particulates.

The Model 1000 depositors are designed for artisans and start-ups planning to use a semi-automatic depositor for the first time, through to companies using automatic depositors with conveyor systems, VFFS or rotary pot machines.

The Model 1000 transfer pumps are designed for small, medium or large scale producers. These hygienic pumps keep your production running and removes the need for an operator to manually fill depositor hoppers.

With exceptional performance, hygiene, reliability and build quality, Riggs Autopack’s depositors, filling machines and transfer pumps have provided increased production capacity for a huge variety of food and non-food producers over the decades.

If you’re a small, medium, or large-scale manufacturer seeking a high-quality machine to accurately fill jars, bottles, pots, tubs, moulds, buckets, jerry cans, pouches or bags, please come along and see Riggs Autopack on Stand A20.

Tel: 01282 440040

Email: info@riggsautopack.co.uk

Web: www.riggsautopack.co.uk

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