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Premium packaging for premium products 

Are your customers looking for attractive, sustainable packaging?

Metal packaging adds a premium look and feel to any product, with the added attraction to consumers of strong environmental credentials as part of the circular economy, being infinitely recyclable with permanently available materials.

Enviro-Cap is your perfect BRCGS certified, UK based, manufacturing partner for sustainable, recyclable metal caps, closures and containers. It serves customers seeking high value packaging across the food, personal care, household products, pharmaceutical, and over the counter sectors, in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Australasia.


The company can supply customised and standard sustainable classic continuous thread screw caps, smooth sided caps (a fully recyclable alternative to sleeved plastic caps), and ‘press here to open’ tins, in pallet quantities.

Its packaging is made in either aluminium, a lightweight and corrosion resistant material used for food and toiletries; and tinplate, a stronger and more robust material often used for household products such as polishes.

All caps and closures can be customised with plain colour or printed designs, or embossing/debossing, and can be supplied with a range of liners to meet differing requirements.

Enviro-Cap closures are also designed to match with standard jar and container neck sizes and threads. Subject to volumes it can create tooling to manufacture bespoke size and thread combinations.

For plain undecorated caps in some standard sizes, the company is also able to supply from imported (not BRC accredited) stock.

Its ‘press here to open’ tins are high quality, easy open/close recyclable polish and cream containers used where the tight reseal capability for product preservation once opened are important considerations.


Enviro-Cap is a modern business with over 100 years of history and experience, and is a specialist in supplying sustainable, recyclable metal caps, closures and containers.

The company is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of everything it produces and is certified to give all clients the assurance they need with BRCGS Packaging Materials – Grade AA covering its cap and closure manufacturing onsite at Huddersfield where they’ve been based for 50 years, and so its site operates to the hygiene management standards required for food packaging standards.

Enviro-Cap is also certified under ISO9001: 2015 and welcomes customer site visits.


The Enviro-Cap team prides itself on sustainable packaging products, metal packaging is strong, durable, and versatile making it ideal for a range of applications and helping to minimise waste.

Metal packaging is easily identified and separated in the waste stream and fully and infinitely recyclable, never losing its properties, so it can be used and reused forever without any loss of quality. In fact, it’s estimated that over 80 percent of all metal ever produced worldwide is still in use today.

Enviro-Cap also strives to run a sustainable business, ensuring its product waste is segregated and recycled to minimise its ecological footprint. The company is also in the process of installing solar panels to produce 50 percent of all electricity it uses.

Visit Enviro-Cap at Packaging Innovations (Stand Q80).

  W: www.enviro-cap.com T: +44 (0) 1484 533216

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