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ONELAN measures up with Quividi

EMI - 2499 Onelan pic1ONELAN has enhanced its Digital Signage range and now offers audience measurement integration, powered by Quividi. The new audience measurement solution delivers a rich set of data to understand how passers-by engage with Digital Signage content. Reporting covers, for example, the number of opportunities to see, the number of real viewers, attention time and dwell time. This data can then be analysed by gender and age class.


It provides a real-time video analytics solution that helps media owners, retailers and brands to finely count and qualify their audiences. VidiCentre automatically builds an informative graphical dashboard accessible via a simple web browser to reveal trends and correlations. This enables marketing and content management teams to make informed decisions and build effective campaigns driven by validated audience data.


Using the latest face and body detection technique and running on ONELAN’s 24/7 Net-Top-Box, the audience measurement solution delivers exhaustive metrics in a completely anonymous fashion and without ever recording any image or personal data.

For further information please telephone 01491 411400, email marion.bourne@onelan.com or visit www.onelan.com 

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