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New innovation in peel and read

OPM’s new Multi dex label offers endless opportunities to product a ‘perfect experience’ for the end user

OPM has developed the Multi dex Label – a multi-layered, multi Indexed, multi substrate, multi coloured, peel and read label.  It enables client’s brands to maintain eye-catching shelf appeal using colour on multi layers while providing a functional label that provides extra space for brand information.

How does it work?
The Multi dex is a multi-ply peel and read label. It has an adhesive hinge that can be placed anywhere within the label allowing the pages to be peeled back to reveal additional printed layers, which can then be resealed repeatedly, once read. The label can be indexed and peeled back on the left and right hand sides independently, doubling the number of indexes available. The top layers use a specially formulated adhesive which then allows each layer of the label to peel back and reveal additional information. Again, once read, the label will reseal time and time again.

Functional, direct access
The individual layers are organised in an index format that makes the layers easy to peel back for all users, with a larger peel back tab. The extra layers make adding additional information easy – additional languages can be individually peeled back, all identified simply in an index format. Pharma products can add patient usage guides while brand owners can include nutritional and regulatory information, recycling instructions, additional product data, and company details.

For Security, Tamper Evidence, Consumer Interaction…
The Multi dex offers a true reveal function – the ability to die-cut within the multi-layer label structure as a way of showing tamper evidence or product authenticity. For marketing, dry peel vouchers or coupons can be added between layers, or additional labels that can be utilised as customer reply labels, dual-purpose medical form labels for patient records or QR codes that can be used by the end user for stock scanning etc. In addition to the uniqueness of the label construction, OPM can produce them in a single pass. This ensures there are no ad mixes which can occur when previously printed webs are brought together.

Decoration and Tactile
The labels can be decorative using either hot or cold foiling. Functionality can also be added using screen for braille or warning tactile triangles. Multi dex labels are available in many shapes and sizes and can be printed in up to 10 colours. They are easily machine applied and the perfect answer to adding space to the label when the size of the product container cannot be enlarged. Multi dex holds a European Union Trade Mark (no. 018001575).

The new label can utilise different materials brought together in different layers. This enables control over the final label thickness and weight. The materials also ensure that the label will have curl resistance that can occur on shaped and cylindrical containers.

The possibilities are endless – the form and function of the index system produce a perfect experience for the end user. OPM’s products are as individual as the needs of customers. Therefore, they direct the production skills and know-how towards providing tailored solutions. Customer requirements are its incentive to find the best solution for YOU!

For more information, call: 0113 2311000, email: sales@opmgroup.co.uk or go to their website: www.opmgroup.co.uk

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