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Karmelle Ltd design and manufacture complete gin bottling system

Karmelle Ltd recently designed and manufactured a turnkey filling, capping and labelling system for Raisthorpe Manor, helping the award-winning spirits producer to automate its entire bottling operation.

North Yorkshire country estate Raisthorpe Manor began producing homemade liqueurs in 2008. As demand for its products grew, owners Julia and David Medforth decided to invest in bottling equipment, and approached Karmelle for a solution.

With production space limited, they needed a compact filling, capping and labelling system, capable of handling a range of bottle sizes (from 5cl to 35cl).

After an initial consultation, Karmelle’s technical team established that their state-of-the-art Mini Monoblock was the most appropriate system for the project. A complete filling, capping and labelling unit with a uniquely small footprint, the machine would be ideal for Raisthorpe Manor’s production environment. It could also be designed to accommodate different container and cap sizes, meeting the business’ need for a multi-product solution.

Ultimately, this versatile system would accurately fill, cap and label bottles, automating a previously labour intensive process without wasting valuable space.

The Mini Monoblock was manufactured in Karmelle’s West Yorkshire workshop, with Julia and David visiting for factory acceptance trials prior to delivery.

Karmelle engineers installed the system at Raisthorpe Manors’ production facility, where it is currently running at speeds of up to 20 bottles per-minute (5cl bottles).

Julia Medforth commented: “Before we invested in packaging machinery, we were bottling by hand. The Monoblock system has completely transformed the process, enabling us to improve efficiency and accuracy, up production rates and meet the growing demand for our products.”

For more information, please call: 01484 533 356, email: karmelle@gmail.com or visit their website: www.karmelle.com

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