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Mondi sets its sights firmly on the global ice cream packaging market

Eating ice cream may seem like child’s play. Running an ice cream business certainly is not.


Mondi plunged head first into that market via its July 2016 acquisition of Turkish flexible packaging manufacturer Kalenobel, with that firm’s Istanbul headquarters and pair of production facilities in the northern Turkish city of Kirklareli.

Key factors such as seasonality, varied consumer behaviour, and novel production technology tend to make the ice cream packaging business a different animal from other consumer packaging sectors, and it takes some time to fully absorb all of the sector’s intricacies, according to Christian Hoeglund, Mondi business development manager for ice cream packaging. In a way, he muses, it required Mondi’s Consumer Goods Packaging group to take “an Ice Cream 101” crash course.

For more information, visit their website: www.mondigroup.com

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