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Innovation set to dramatically improve lifespan of wooden pallets

James Jones & Sons Ltd revealed a new venture it said would dramatically improve the quality, length of life, and environmental benefits of wooden pallets, and significantly reduce their whole life cost.
UPALL® manufactures and fits robust protectors at the points of entry on wooden pallets. This means the pallets last longer, need far fewer repairs and stay in circulation for longer than conventional non-protected pallets. The protectors are based on the US pointGUARD invention, which UPALL® has redesigned and developed for the European market. Tests on the protectors at Virginia Tech show that they increase the lifespan of a wooden pallet by three times and potentially longer. This is because UPALL® – protected pallets experience substantially less damage with significantly fewer wood chippings and debris. This reduces downtime, equipment maintenance and housekeeping, and improves safety.

A UPALL® protected pallet remains in circulation earning money for longer with quantifiable savings in inspection, repair, transport and trip costs.
Gil Covey, Chairman of UPALL® Ltd, said: “The UPALL®-protected pallet is a truly innovative and ground-breaking development in wooden pallets, which are critical to so many supply chains.
“Rigorous independent testing and
trials show that this proprietary product brings remarkable increases to the
lifespan of a pallet and reduces its cost significantly. Meanwhile, the considerable increase in service life gives significant environmental advantages over
unprotected wooden pallets.”
The protectors can be supplied in corporate colours, with printed logos and other designs. The enhanced appearance of the pallets makes them ideal for display directly at the point of sale in retailers.

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