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Turn up your innovation capability

Is your innovation capability fit for growth?

Innovation is a key driver of growth for leading organisations. However, there are obstacles that can frequently hinder innovation progress, despite your best-laid plans. It’s these hidden challenges that require keen insight, adaptability and the right processes and tools to overcome.

Like an athlete, innovation winners intentionally invest in strengthening their organisation’s innovation fitness for growth over time.

But, what are all the factors driving innovation and ultimately impacting growth? And how do you know how effective your organisation is across these factors? No powerful tools exist to help innovation leaders answer these questions holistically, until today…

At Skarbek, we’ve cracked the code for innovation-driven growth

Skarbek’s innovation experts have extensive experience helping organisations lead innovation across sectors, having partnered with some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Leveraging this, we have created the Innovation Fitness Index, a diagnostic tool that explores, measures and benchmarks organisational strengths and weaknesses across a unique set of 8 domains and 38 attributes that we have identified as the key contributors to an innovation organisation’s impact.

A Holistic Assessment

Through the Innovation Fitness Index, we evaluate the key attributes that directly affect innovation fitness for growth within your organisation, identifying core strengths, areas of misalignment, performance gaps and other areas for improvement. Outcomes and recommendations are directly aimed at providing actionable support to help accelerate implementation and impact of your strategies.

  • Assess and Benchmark Innovation Capabilities
    • Focus discussion and debate on the areas that matter most, helping you to address critical issues early on and uncover new areas of opportunity not yet considered
  • Understand the Human Factors and Culture Impacting Innovation Effectiveness
    • Identify company culture and its effectiveness in driving key attributes. Help to cultivate an environment that nurtures creativity and stimulates breakthrough thinking
  • Enable Data-driven Decision Making
    • Armed with detailed analytics, make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively and maximise innovation capabilities across your organisation
  • Take Action with Expert Insights and Recommendations for Growth
    • We provide an independent expert perspective, arming you with industry focused insights, personalised action plan and recommendations for improvements based on your unique context

Get in touch to learn more and begin your innovation fitness assessment today:

enquiries@skarbek.com | https://skarbek.com/capability/innovation-excellence/


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