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Reusable, recyclable plastic pallets and boxes

When sourcing a plastic pallet or box for your application you need a supplier that offers the widest product selection, expert advice and the confidence you are making the right choice for your supply chain requirements.

multicolored plastic pellets made from recycled materials, for reuse in the industry

As the UK’s leading supplier Goplasticpallets.com is proud to offer the largest range of more than 12,000 plastic pallets and pallet boxes and more than 5,000 smaller containers, crates and trays.
The company prides itself on its technical knowledge and dedicated customer support, and upholds a strong environmental policy.
More than 96 percent of its plastic pallets are made from recycled material; these pallets can be recycled again and again to produce new, reusable plastic pallets and boxes. Plus, earlier this year Goplasticpallets.com pledged to take full responsibility for recycling all of the plastic pallets and boxes it supplies – the first pledge of its kind, highlighting Goplasticpallets.com as a ‘plastics recycling’ leader in the pallet industry.

Its Managing Director, Jim Hardisty, said: “I couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had from customers following the launch of our recycling pledge. So far this year we have recycled 134 tonnes of customers’ plastic waste, enough to produce over 8,000 new medium duty pallets; pallets that have a working life of up to 10 times longer than a wooden pallet. The support we’ve received from customers has been quite overwhelming and we hope to get even more customers on board with our recycling pledge this autumn.” Goplasticpallets.com works closely with its manufacturing partners to ensure all of the plastic pallets and boxes it supplies are designed to improve efficiency, increase workflow, reduce down time and fully support the logistics function of a business. Cleaner, safer and more durable than alternatives, the company’s plastic pallets and boxes offer 100 percent size and strength consistency, making them ideal for use in automated systems.

For more information call: 01323 744057, email: sales@goplasticpallets.com
or visit their website: goplasticpallets.com

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