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Guiding the sector into a more sustainable future

Can we go plastic free? Is our film recyclable? What are the facts? Aaaaargh!”
These were some of the questions we were being asked by our customers and prospects after ‘Blue Planet’ aired just over a year ago. We decided to put together a presentation that would answer some of these and other unanswered questions.

The presentation (called The Academy) is neither pro-plastic nor anti-plastic but offers up the true facts of a complex debate. National Flexible’s unique distributor business model means we are not reliant on manufacturing our own plastic or anyone else’s, so we can offer our customers whatever they require. Therefore, on seeing the presentation, the recipients are in a much better position to make more informed decisions on what materials they should use for their products and why. There is detailed information on reliably sourced statistics, retailer policy, new materials and technologies as well as where the future may lead us. Lots of interaction, as well as a prize based quiz adds an interesting dynamic and some competition!
Since its inception, The Academy has been consistently evolving to follow the market and industry changes. In a little over a year, 68 of these presentations have been completed to 60 different companies with over 250 attendees present. The beneficiaries have been from board level, procurement, marketing, sales and packaging technology. The feedback from these sessions has been very satisfying as well as further presentations being organised elsewhere in those businesses. We originally thought the shelf life for this offering would be around six months. However, the thirst for this knowledge shows no sign of slackening.
The diary is full until the end of October, with bookings now being taken for November.

For more information, call: 01274 685566 or go to their website: www.nationalflexible.co.uk

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