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Ready meal depositors from Riggs Autopack

Changing consumer lifestyles have been driving the ready meal market in the UK for some time, with the trend towards convenience continuing to boost sales.

However, with consumers becoming more concerned about the quality of food, convenience is no longer a strong enough selling point. In order to maintain consumer interest, ready meal producers place more emphasis in new product development, focusing on the quality of produce and increased sophistication of the meal itself.

Lancashire based depositor manufacturer Riggs Autopack has a varied range of single and multi-head depositors to meet the production requirements of ready meal producers.

They are available as semi or fully automatic models with pneumatic or PLC control, hopper feed or direct connection to tote bins or cooking kettles, and low or high-level frame configuration.

Each depositor is bespoke designed and manufactured to cater for the client’s product range and container type and size, whether that’s single or multi-compartment, and they can be easily integrated with third-party supplied tray or pot sealing conveyors.

Riggs Autopack General Manager Andrew Bishop said: “Our Model 1000 and Model 1001 range of depositors are designed for small, medium or large-scale food producers and suitable for a broad range of ready meal applications. Over the years we have helped many companies throughout the UK with their food production needs”.

Bishop added: “Riggs Autopack’s depositors can achieve minimum waste, excellent fill accuracy and safety in terms of handling hot products, damage free depositing of fragile particulates, repeatable automation and greater throughput with high efficiency.

“With regards to the ready meal industry, our depositors are ideal. Their ability to rapidly change from one product to another with minimum downtime can help food producers achieve optimum utilisation and profitability”.

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