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Printing perfection

In flexographic printing, consistency matters. The ability to reproduce the same image hundreds or thousands of times with zero deviation is crucial for the industry. This means the slightest defect can have significant ramifications, so having the right equipment is key to achieving the perfect print every time.

Sandon Global is at the forefront of pushing quality across the flexographic industry. As a leading manufacturer of anilox, cylinders, and associated products, it knows its customers rely on dependable, premium equipment for their business. As a result, the company is committed to providing products that set the standard in print performance and can serve their business needs for years to come.

Sandon Global’s 20,000 sq. ft UK site is home to precision engineering and laser engraving departments, where state-of-the-art technology is used to create the gold standard in anilox. Although its processes are a closely guarded secret, the results speak for themselves: with consistent porosity level tolerance of 1-2 percent and hardness values of 1300 Vickers, Sandon Global’s anilox offer market-leading consistency for customers.

Sandon Global’s unique enhanced densification treatment (EDT) is applied to all ceramic roller coatings during production to eliminate the potential of substrate corrosion. This process protects its anilox from damage that can accrue over time from inks and improves ink release from the roller to achieve optimum ink transfer.

The company’s engraving process uses state-of-the-art thermal optic lasers to create precise, even, smooth cell walls across the anilox. This further improves their ink release capability and makes them more resistant to damage from the doctor blade, extending the roller’s lifespan and resulting in lower costs for customers.

The difference for Sandon Global’s products is in how it measures anilox performance. If the ceramic coating of an anilox is of poor or variable quality, no matter how good the laser used to engrave it is, the final product will be at best inconsistent.

Whenever Sandon Global changes to a new batch of chromium oxide powder, it qualifies the coating through ‘tab sampling’. This enables the company test the hardness of the material using state-of-the-art electron microscope equipment to ensure it meets the high standards expected of all its products.

Those products are all manufactured in-house, ensuring total control of each aspect of quality. The company also runs internal quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring it produces the same standard and specification each time.

Alongside its rigorous commitment to consistency, Sandon Global strives for continuous improvement. The company has partnered with the best material scientists in the country and world-leading universities to expand its knowledge and keep it at the cutting edge of anilox development.

Sandon Global invests in the latest technology to keep it at the cutting edge of the market, from new laser engraving technology to state-of-the-art plasma coating systems.

Richard Millington, Managing Director at Sandon Global, said: “We are immensely proud of the reputation we have built among our customers for delivering consistency. Our world-leading manufacturing process means our anilox products revolutionise what is possible in the flexographic industry – from optimised ink transfer to long-lasting performance, a Sandon Global anilox sets the standard for quality in printing.”

For more information about the Sandon Global range of anilox rolls and sleeves, visit: www.sandonglobal.com

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