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Polymer gel market set to witness significant demand

The polymer gel market size will surpass USD 55 billion by 2024, a new report by Global Market Insights reveals.
Polymer gel market is projected to witness significant demand in the medical industry and hydrogels, which led the polymer gels industry in 2016, have been achieving rising popularity in drug delivery system, wound care, contact lenses, cosmetic surgeries and tissue engineering.
The modernizing agriculture sector will mark significant demand for super absorbent polymer hydrogels in the near future while aerogels will be the fastest growing segment in polymer gel market and will have high demand in contrast to the conventional thermal insulation (for instance, calcium silicate, fiberglass, expanded perlite, etc.) in the next seven years, the report states. The high demand will be mainly attributed to the unique features of aerogels including: small space requirement, corrosion resistance, uniform performance in elevated temperatures, etc.
Personal care & hygiene sector contributed to more than 50% share in global polymer gel market in 2016.

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