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One stop logistics shop

Ceewhy Vancover has developed more than two decades of specialist knowledge in logistics, storage, stock control, fulfilment, dispatch and transport.

As a company that has always viewed the glass as half full and never half empty, Ceewhy Vancouver has taken that philosophy into the trials and tribulations of Covid and Brexit.

During the course of the past year, it appointed a Futures Development manager while staff, working throughout the pandemic, joined management in attaining BRC storage and distribution certification as well as Organic certification and ISO 9001.

These achievements, along with the company’s well known “small enough to care, large enough to cope” motto, will serve to benefit customers old and new as the world begins to turn once more.

Ceewhy offers a one-stop shop for all logistic services with a flexibility that means it can adapt and adjust to customers’ needs – and not the other way around.  Its staff, many of whom have worked in the business for many years, are the company’s core strength and that allows Ceewhy to offer a range of services beyond the normal pick, pack, despatch and storage,

These services include reworking , kitting, labelling and many hand work projects, all of which come complete with excellent customer care.

Ceewhy has passed all ethical audits by retailers in regards to staff care, hence the number of employees with long term service.

Moving forward, the company is looking to make further advancements to its eco and climate change policies. Having always recycled waste plastic, cardboard and wood, it is now turning its attention to the difficulties of climate change. That means replacement vehicles and a review of where power savings could be achieved. Even its canteen has cut all unnecessary plastics with staff also currently brainstorming further improvements.

Ceewhy’s storage facility accommodates 7000 pallets and could be increased if demand arises at short notice. It is strategically located in the heart of the South East with most of the major ports and airports of the UK little more than an hour away – as is the heart of Central London.

Every customer has different needs and it is the flexibility of both Ceewhy’s staff and facilities that always leads to an effective solution, no matter how hard the challenge might be.

Whatever the problem or project, our knowledgeable team is happy to help every step of the way, through purchasing, customs, freight forwarders, carriers or even packaging design to achieve maximum results from your logistics project.

Should prospective customers wish to visit Ceewhy, they are always made welcome by its staff who often go on to become an integral part of their own business.

Having celebrated its 21st birthday as a business last year, Ceewhy believes it is a business fit for the future and hopes customers will join the team on that journey.

For more information contact 01435 86800 or email chris@ceewhy.net


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