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Millions spent on pampered pets

Grey lop-eared rabbit

Brits were predicted to be spending £750 million on their pets over Christmas. In a survey of 3,230 pet owners conducted by OnBuy.com, 87% said they were buying their pet a Christmas present and more than one quarter of respondents (27%) admitted to spending more on their furry friends than on their actual friends, with the majority (35%) saying they spend between £20 to £30 on their pets.
Online marketplace OnBuy.com has assessed the rising popularity of purchasing presents for our pets through their survey. The responses revealed that the average amount spent on our animal companions was £16, and with 47 million pets being bought gifts, Brits will be spending over £750 million, which is certainly not a sum to be sniffed at. Most of the cash goes on treats (35%), toys (34%) and clothes (17%).
5% of pet-loving participants even admitted to spending more on their pet than on their own father! 1% stated they spent more money on their animals than on their mother and over 1 in 10 (12%) spent decidedly less on a sibling than on a pampered pooch.
The Christmas experience doesn’t end there for our four-legged friends, however. 83% stated they wrap up their pet’s gifts, 34% provide their companion with a stocking and 7% even write a Christmas card. We don’t forget our pets when it comes to food either, a massive 76% of animal- lovers state that their pet will be getting a Christmas dinner this year.
Although our spending is well-intended, 69% of pet owners admit that they went overboard last year on gifts for their furry companions.

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