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Mentor by eDriving helps tackle driver distraction

eDriving’s smartphone-based telematics driver safety programme, Mentor by eDrivingSM, utilises sensors in the smartphone to identify, record and provide feedback on driving behaviours most predictive of crash risk including acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding, and crucially, driver distraction, potentially the greatest threat to driver safety today.

Mentor App

Mentor evaluates drivers’ behaviour after every trip and over time. As a result of eDriving’s partnership with analytics industry leader, FICO®, drivers receive an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score, which has been shown to predict a driver’s likelihood of being involved in a crash or incident.

To help remediate risky behaviours, Mentor delivers engaging, interactive training modules (3-5 minutes) directly to a user’s smartphone. This includes core training for all drivers to provide a solid foundation/ refresher and targeted training to address specific risks.

A patented, closed-loop behavioural change programme, eDriving’s approach has helped reduce clients’ collisions by up to 67 percent and has been recognised by over 70 industry awards.

For more information visit their website: www.edriving.com

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