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Jacob – number one in pipework systems

JACOB mass produce a range of thin-wall, fully-welded modular steel pipework & ducting components for air-conveying, extract-lines or gravity chutes. Normally delivered from stock, 21 standard diameters are available from 60mm to 1600mm in a choice of 1mm, 2mm or 3mm thick powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel. Diameters of 350mm and above are available with loose or welded flange connections.

Each component has a machine-lipped end which, when fitted with a specially designed “U” shaped gasket & Quick-Connect pull-ring, creates a 3-bar overpressure certified connection. Hence high-pressure tightness can be achieved in a pipe system with the capability of fast installation and fast dismantling when needed.

Air movement characteristics inside a JACOB pipeline are enhanced thanks to smooth-pressed bends, which assist airflow with the minimum of resistance. A wide range of accessories complements the pipework – inspection doors, visualisation ducts, product-control and air-control valves & diverters are press-formed to high tolerances.

This low-cost range of mass-produced products compare favourably with custom-built sheetmetal ductwork which are usually produced for a particular project and therefore costly. All moving components are available to ATEX-certified standards on request – earthing continuity can be achieved either through using conductive elastomer gaskets or by adding a mechanical earthing bridge over each connection.

These pipe systems are a favourite choice for low pressure conveying due to their tight connections, fast assembly and ability to be easily disassembled for cleaning or maintenance. The connections can be used at differential pressures of up to 1.5 bar and form a condensate leak proof seal. Popular in food industries, bulk handling and environmental applications, JACOB systems are found in industries as diverse as potato crisps to petrochemicals or sugar to semi-conductors.

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Jacob UK Ltd, Unit 2 Laundry Bank, Church Stretton, SY6 6PH

T: 01694 722841

E: sales@jacob-uk.com

W: www.jacob-group.com/uk

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