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Weetabix vows to fix Britain with £10 million ‘discovery’ campaign

Weetabix has addressed the nation with a £10 million tongue-in-cheek creative campaign that positions the leading cereal brand as the solution to Britain’s ongoing societal decline.

According to ‘The Weetabix Discovery’, one of the reasons Britain hasn’t been so great of late is because…the population hasn’t been eating enough Weetabix.

This amazing revelation identifies that, where Weetabix consumption increases, so to do crossword scores, driving test pass rates and body builders per kilometer!

From those in charge of fixing potholes to VAR headquarters; and abysmal parking, the advert pinpoints plenty of potential recipients who might benefit from a restorative shipment of Weetabix to help get things back on track.

“We’re extremely proud of this latest campaign, which has been many months in the making. We can’t wait for you to meet our brilliant cast of characters,” said Lorraine Rothwell, Head of Brand at Weetabix Food Company.

“This multi-million-pound investment in our core brand is sure to drive overall category growth as well as reminding our loyal shoppers why Weetabix is the way to get themselves ‘ahead of the day’.

The fully integrated campaign spans TV, catch up, digital, social and PR. It also includes a first-ever from the brand, bespoke digital radio advertising geared to different locations of Britain. Triggered by different contextual moments, such as the great British weather, they will identify where Weetabix is needed most and encourage the nation to have theirs.

This new creative from BBH represents a bolder evolution of the cheeky tone of voice that Weetabix is synonymous with. Christine Turner and Kevin Masters, Creative Directors at BBH, said: “Whilst working on this new campaign, we uncovered a discovery of national importance. So, it’s only right that we share this with the nation immediately. The performance of our once great island depends on the country having their Weetabix again. It’s rare in our careers that we get to work on a campaign that will have such significant national importance.”

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