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Unlike a lot of packaging manufacturers Macpac designs and manufactures

Their flexibility allows for packaging runs from 1000 into millions. Macpac offers individual expert advice to each and every customer always looking at things from a refreshing perspective. Their concept to production process includes designing around an initial idea, computer aided design (CAD), tooling, production and finally fulfilling expectations with the finished product.


So rather than selecting from a gallery of 000’s of homogenised packaging on a supplier’s website Macpac collaborates with customers in early planning to minimise environmental impact. Packaging manufacturer and customers collaborating at an early stage is essential in design, shelf appeal, material gauge for weight and its functionality.  Further, if environmental considerations are only factored in at the end of the process then changes, modifications and last minute adjustments to meet ever-changing environmental legislation are likely to be costly ending in project delay and worse still cancellation. Adopting a more socially and professionally responsible policy at the commencement of the design stage ensures a company’s packaging is compliant with all appropriate legislation.

Working in close collaboration with a packaging designer and manufacturer elevates and enhances the environmental profile of brands matching Government and society expectations. Importantly it raises and enhances the profile of a company in the estimation of its customers.

The right and considered approach is to design packaging from scratch around the end use application and the product for which it is intended. Salving a conscience and addressing a need by purchasing from a supplier’s standard catalogue may be a temporary fix but it doesn’t solve the long term issues.

Tel: 0161 442 1642 | Email: info@macpac.co.ukwww.macpac.co.uk

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