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Sustainable pouch solution introduced

Mondi ecofresh

The EcoFresh pouch, which was unveiled by Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging at Packaging Innovations, is fully recyclable and is a new development to Mondi’s market leading FreshTECH pouch range. Mondi Deeside Senior Technical Manager Graeme Smith added: “Pouches are convenient, versatile and can offer re-closability, meaning that even after the product has been opened, the atmosphere of the pack can remain at its optimum to help to reduce food waste. However, the traditional combination of materials required to provide the visual shelf presence, strength and barrier properties has meant using a mixture of polymer resins. Until now, that made these pouches nearly impossible to recycle. Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging has looked upon this as a challenge and has successfully developed a pouch which is made only from polypropylene resins.”

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