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GravureTECH: A new approach to high definition printing

Mondi gravure

Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging showcased GravureTECH, a new approach to the original high-definition printing process, at Packaging Innovations. GravureTECH combines the high-definition print benefits of pin-sharp accuracy, precise colour matching and photographic representation, with time and money saving. It works with other items in the company’s range, including PouchTECH and CookTECH, to deliver functional and high-performance results using a variety of substrates and finishes. Mondi Deeside Sales Director Julie Eller said: “Over many years, the gravure printing process has fallen out of favour with many brand owners as it was associated only with long print runs, long lead times and high costs. But at Mondi Deeside, GravureTECH supplies brands with the best quality consistent print at low cost and can match the flexo turnaround time on new designs.”

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