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Simplifying sticky toffee pudding

Riggs Autopack has supplied bakery depositors to a leading artisan shortbread maker, transforming their previously painstaking production process


It was Janice and Tom Park’s success in the restaurant business that founded The Handmade Shortbread Company in 2011.

Excelling at providing delicious shortbread and puddings to top hotels and restaurants, the word spread fast, and soon more and more local hotels ordered their products.

Proudly made in Scotland and handmade with the finest ingredients, they make Sticky Toffee Pudding with toffee sauce.

They supply most of the leading foodservice companies in Scotland and across the North of England, who in turn supply to many top hotels and restaurants.

Their products can also be found in leading retailers in Scotland, such as Morrison’s and Spar stores, where you can find the twin pack puddings. Their six pack puddings and Banqueting Slab range are supplied to foodservice partners.

They purchased a Model 1000 Series 3 Depositor from Riggs Autopack to work with a third-party supplied Rotary Pot Machine. This depositor was connected to a mixing vessel outlet and used to deposit 70 gm of sticky toffee sauce into plastic pots.

It provides a clean enclosed system for taking product from the mixing vessel directly into the pot, reducing product wastage. It has also proved to be a very effective way of depositing the product as the production time has been reduced dramatically when compared to hand filling the pots.

They have also purchased a Model 1000 Series 3 Maxi Depositor from Riggs Autopack to deposit 5kg of sticky toffee batter mix into baking trays. This new bulk depositor was again configured as a direct feed system, connected to a mixer outlet.


Handmade Shortbread previously mixed and deposited the batter into trays by hand. This whole operation was conducted by two persons, now it’s just a single person operation, saving 45 minutes production time per 120 kg batch.

Janice and Tom said: “This new bulk depositor has transformed production for our Sticky Toffee Pudding. Before this was installed, it was a heavy and painstaking job. Now it’s so simple, one person operating the machine and so much easier”.

They added: “Riggs Autopack has always been a pleasure to deal with, so helpful. Their expertise in this market is second to none. Their Technical Sales Engineer Mark Howlett has been particularly helpful and has gone out of his way to make sure the installation went smoothly”.

Riggs Autopack Ltd
Premier Buildings
Brunswick Street

Tel: 01282 440040
Email: info@riggsautopack.co.uk

Web: www.riggsautopack.co.uk

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