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Premium glass jars for craft peanut butter brand

A leading UK premium peanut butter brand has opted for quality packaging by switching to a bespoke glass jar designed and manufactured by Beatson Clark.

Described as ‘the Champagne of peanut butters’, ManiLife is made in the UK using peanuts grown and hand sorted on a single estate in Argentina.

Initially the product was sold in plastic tubs but ManiLife has now commissioned a bespoke 275g white flint glass jar from Beatson Clark, which has made its production process more sustainable and brought other benefits too.

“The new jar is a genuine pleasure to use,” said Stu Macdonald, founder of ManiLife. “We designed it to make it supremely spoonable and easy to stir and I think the feedback reflects that.”

Beatson Clark’s white flint glass contains 36 percent post-consumer recycled materials, and thanks to its on-site recycling plant the company can always be assured of a reliable supply of recycled cullet for melting in its furnaces to make new bottles and jars.



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