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Packaging perfection

Berlin Packaging are the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures.

Combining a global presence and international reach with local knowledge and expertise, its customers span the entire range of consumer goods categories:

FOOD – Berlin Packaging offers a great assortment of classic and unique jars and bottles, serving companies across the world. They supply packaging for dry foods, seasonings, flour, bakery mixes, honey, and other liquid sweeteners, jams, jellies, butters, and maple syrup.

They are experts in packaging delicious fish, foie gras and even truffles, as well as for various sauces, dressings, and fresh-packed foods. Additionally, they possess great expertise in packaging for gourmet products such as olive oil and vinegar.

BEVERAGE – For customers operating in the beverage industry, Berlin Packaging have a wide range of glass and plastic solutions as well as caps and closures. Their goal is to offer packaging of great design and quality that is marketable and functions well on the filling line to ensure operational excellence. Their customers can choose the right packaging from a catalogue and discover innovative Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass collections, or create a brand-new model perfect for their product.

Being a global, leading supplier of high-end glass bottles, wine and champagne are one of Berlin Packaging’s major areas of specialist focus, as are Spirits.

When it comes to appearance, the bottle is always a key element that not only showcases the look of a product, but determines its overall touch and feel.

Additionally, matching caps and closures are the icing on the cake that makes the Berlin Packaging offering complete. A wide range of caps and closures are available to suit all beverage bottles.

PERSONAL CARE – From consumer trends to retail demands. No matter size, positioning or packaging needs, Berlin aims to provide an outstanding service and bring their customers anything and everything from concept to commercialization.

Bottles with caps, dispensing, spray and lotion pumps combined with an almost infinite range of closing systems, are only a foretaste of the rich portfolio.

BEAUTY – Berlin Packaging is committed to providing sustainable solutions to all customers with special focus on offering “green” products. Their commercial brand Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries is entirely dedicated to the beauty market. Its services range from small projects with standard ready packaging that originate from the company’s existing packaging ranges, up to large projects where packaging is designed and customized exclusively for the customer. With an infinite number of players, the beauty market is highly competitive. In this market, customization and personalization play a huge role, and Berlin Packaging is able to offer clients an expert hand with any requirement.

HOME FRAGRANCE – Berlin Packaging prides itself on being the first hybrid specialist in this sector. Over the last few years, the fastest-growing demand was originating from this niche market, between air care and perfumery, where packaging required a unique technical and functional engineering with a specific aesthetic and communication appearance.

Berlin Packaging also now guarantees a wide, comprehensive offering of “ready-to-buy” packaging. Their Essential range features a range of popular and traditional designs, while the Exclusive range, a distinctive full packaging system with unique designs and original shapes, is the greatest innovation it is proudly able to offer.



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