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‘Fast start’ logistics solutions

With more than two decades of specialist knowledge in logistics, storage, stock control, fulfilment, dispatch and transport, Ceewhy Vancover is fine-tuning for an even better future

It is often said that life evolves.

However, the same can also be said of any business and its various areas of trade.

With this in mind, Ceewhy Vancouver has analysed the many problems faced in the last few years: Brexit, shipping costs, customs and Covid to name but a few. And, what has evolved from that review, is a much more modern, efficient business.

The company utilised the slower times during the pandemic to further its certifications. As a result, it now offers both BRC “A” grade for storage and distribution. It also has ISO9001 and is organic certified.

Ceewhy also made a commitment to advance staff training. Employees have since embraced both online training and inhouse designed courses which include Health and Safety in manual handling, safety at work and product auditing. Staff have additionally been trained in specific, up-to-the-minute, customs procedures. The entire team are also qualified fork lift operators.

Staff harmony is an important part of everyday practise at Ceewhy and in return for ongoing effort and loyalty, everyone received full pay throughout the pandemic. The company is certified payers of the National Living wage. It is also currently recruiting new staff to join the highly experienced team already in place.

Space shortage has become a huge issue throughout the supply chain. To counter this, Ceewhy has recently opened one new warehouse site and doubled the size of its existing facility. It also renewed all onsite machinery and fork lifts and now boasts over 7000 pallet spaces.

Current work being carried out includes an IT system and software upgrade to give even better customer service. Leading this transformation is Will Milam, who was recently appointed to the board of directors and is slowly taking over the reigns as the company drives even further forward.

The supply chain is ever-changing due to uncontrollable circumstances but Ceewhy is determined to move with the times, offering customers the best service whilst staying true to its original mantras which are as follows:

“Small enough to care, large enough to cope.”

“customer service first and last.”

“The a one stop shop for all logistical services”

To continue meeting these standards, the company is forever grateful to staff both old and new whom have paved the path which Ceewhy continues to proudly tread.

The team looks forward to welcoming new clients at its south East base, which is handy for all the major points of entry in and out of the UK.

Its friendly sales team can be contacted at the following:

++44 (0)1435 868000 or email: sales@ceewhy.net


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