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New dosage options optimise EZ’R packaging

visuel gamme EZR avec fond

Building on the recent launch of EZ’R – a radical new upside down squeeze foamer – Vetroplas, in partnership with manufacturer Albea Alkmaar, is now offering a choice of liquid outputs which extends the scope of this innovative foamer range.

Known for its wide range of foamers and unique technology, which provide a rich and constant propellant-free foam, Albea now offers four versions of the EZ’R squeeze foamer. Each creates a different liquid output from wet through to dry, ranging from 43 per cent more liquid through to a maximum of 165 per cent more liquid – depending on the intended application and density required.

The EZ’R foamers have a wide range of product applications within the FMCG and household arena including drinks, toiletries, cleaning, gardening, DIY, car cleaning and pet health products. The new liquid outputs will help manufacturers fine-tune the dosage of their products to enhance performance and consumer appeal.

The new foamers are available in the UK now, exclusively from Vetroplas.

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