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End-of-line quality control system is a real game-changer Copy


Linerless guru, Ravenwood Packaging, has unveiled its latest game-changing technology, the VXR, combining vision, X-ray and seal check technology. The new compact and high-tech arrangement provides an all-inclusive process for the seamless production of sleeving, contaminate detection and sealing of trays. Customers will benefit from fully automating their production lines, alleviating the need for manual checks which are costly in terms of manpower and time consuming when production deadlines are tight. These three technologies fall under the operation of just one machine, incorporated into just 1.9m. It is the ‘end of line’ solution provider to meet the food industry’s stringent requirements.
“Supermarkets are demanding improved quality, 100% error free labelling and reduced costs – placing increased pressure on suppliers,” says Paul Beamish, Founder and Managing Director of Ravenwood Packaging. “The new VXR machine will not only meet these demands but will outperform manual operations for a fully streamlined process.”
With ‘Vision’, the machine automatically detects faulty labels, printing errors and poor quality print. Expect analysis of label position, quantity and orientation. All printed information is checked including barcodes, use-by dates and traceability codes. The system also boasts a user-friendly interface for rugged factory environments. Ravenwood stipulated this at the design phase. The machine must be simple and easy to use.”
The VXR boasts ‘Sapphire’ carbon nanotube field emission technology. Sapphire is a leading technology in the field of x-ray, boasting low energy, high speeds and resolution for unparalleled performance. The machine is programmed with heightened sensitivity for detecting dense mass and contaminates, and identifies foreign bodies such as glass, metal, ceramics including all types of bones. Products are cast aside and placed in the removable reject bin.
Contaminates in the seal are also screened, ensuring trays and food packages are properly sealed.
Foods that have ‘slipped’ could potentially obstruct the seal. The system also examines for the correct position of the food and number of products within the tray – for example, number of meatballs.
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