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Mettler-Toledo X36 Series – Improving Efficiency and Product Quality


Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray further drives the development of maximum efficiency product inspection and quality control for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers with the latest advancement of its x-ray inspection systems, the X36 Series, which is now available in a shorter 1.2m version.

The new design incorporates short tunnel guards, which are instrumental in reducing the machine footprint ideal for manufacturers with restricted production space. After installation, extension tunnel guards can be easily constructed, around the detector apertures and over the conveyors without increasing the system size. These measures ensure compliance with radiation guidelines issued by the European Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The X36 series 2.1m system has the option for a fully incorporated reject mechanisms including reject bins, which automatically remove contaminated or sub-standard products from the processing line. 8 For further information please telephone 01763 257900, email daniela.verhaeg@mt.com or visit www.mt.com/xray-X36 

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