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OMS Horizontal Pallet Strapper for T.H. Clements


141107 EMFM5062 GordianGordian Strapping has supplied a horizontal strapping machine to T.H. Clements in Boston.

T.H. Clements is a family-owned vegetable company, founded in Lincolnshire in the late 1940s by Harry Clements. The business has been developed by Harry’s son Alan and grandson Chris from a 16-acre smallholding into an industry-leading farming and packing operation, which is now run by a dedicated and experienced management team headed by Mr Chris Gedney. Although the fertile silt soils of south Lincolnshire remain their heartland, the company has also developed production capabilities in Cornwall, other regions in the UK and other counties. In total, T H Clements markets more than 4,000 hectares of fresh produce from dedicated growers in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cornwall. Long-term relationships with suppliers in Spain also provide quality broccoli and cabbage for year-round continuity of supply.

Gordian Strapping supplied an OMS 06RP Horizontal Strapping Machine with a TR14 HD Strapping Head. The machine was installed in 2002, and the outfeed conveyor was modified in 2013 to ensure that two pallets at a time could be taken off.

The strapper applies 3 straps to pallets of green plastic trays which are supplied to one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, and 4 straps to pallets of T.H. Clements branded boxes, which are supplied to wholesale markets. Edge Protectors are manually applied to the pallets of boxes prior to strapping. The OMS TR14 HD Head, which is compatible with a variety of different strap grades, only requires a full service every 200,000 cycles.

Glyn Halgarth, Stock Manager at TH Clements commented: “We are pleased with the performance of the strapping machine. It has allowed us to redeploy two people, who had previously been engaged in strapping pallets using hand strapping tools”.For further information please telephone 07979 906325, e-mail Daren.Spice@gordianstrapping.com

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