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KUKA for snacks manufacturer

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To increase the speed and efficiency of a coffee stacking line, one of the largest snack foods manufacturers in the world has chosen a KUKA robotic palletiser, from Linkx Systems. Linkx’s expertise was called upon for the integration of the palletiser robot at a plant where 100 million jars of instant coffee are produced a year. The aim was to improve the automation for stacking shrink-wrapped coffee doy packs. The KR120 robot has a maximum reach of 2496 mm and weighs 1049kg that enables it to effortlessly stack payloads of 120 kg. Linkx’s robot is robust and reliable, able to deliver repeatability of ±0,06 mm. Floor mountable and benefiting from a vacuum pick-up head, the KR120 can stack up to 24 cases per minute. The robot also boasts sizeable pallet storage for up to 15 pallets at a time and can stack different size pellets such as chep and euro, which makes it a great long-term investment.


For further information please telephone 01502 713777
or visit www.linkxpackaging.com


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