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Keep your cool on costing


A Spanish company producing packed food for appetizers is no longer counting the costs of keeping cool, after installing an evaporative cooling system that allows to keep productivity on track in the face of sweltering temperatures.
Risi, producer of the famous Palomitas®, was facing significant issues owing to the heat emitted by the industrial plant itself which, added to the summer temperatures, were reaching even 45°C. After an in-depth study, eight Breezair evaporative coolers have been installed, arranging one duct per cooler, each with a hexagonal diffuser, allowing optimal air flow inside the building.
Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas. Air conditioning is not such a viable option, because in production plants or storage facilities, the capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive.
Almost 70% of UK workers believe poor indoor air quality has a negative effect on their health, according to a YouGov survey, commissioned by the Building Services Association (BESA).
Businesses with traditional cooling systems installed rely on recirculating the air in the indoor space, while premises such as warehouses or big storage rooms, especially when dealing with food or drinks, have specific temperature requirements.
Direct Evaporative Cooling could be the right solution for them because it doesn’t use any sort of chemical refrigerants to cool the air, just a water pump to supply water to the wetted media where evaporation occurs and electrical power for the fan that then pushes the air inside the building. Breezair is available in different ranges to meet customers’ needs. Manufactured in Australia, Breezair is famous worldwide for component quality and product performance.
There are many examples of UK companies in the food industry that have put their trust in Breezair Evaporative cooling. These companies include Nicholl Food Packaging (New Midland), Bennet Opie, Riverside Bakery, McCormick, Headland Foods, AIMIA foods and many more. In Europe name brands benefitting from the system are Pepsico, Heineken, Granarolo, St Michel, Sumol and Compal.
Often commercial or industrial buildings have small spaces that are hot and uncomfortable to work in. These hot spots can be caused by heat from machines, manufacturing processes or trapped hot air behind large glass windows. Frequently these spaces are not just hotter than the surrounding interior areas of the building, but hotter than the external conditions too. A better, more intelligent solution, is to use Breezair Evaporative Cooling to blanket the hot spot with a flow of cool, high velocity, fresh air, called “Spot Cooling”.
Another award-winning solution developed by Seeley International to help companies with heat management is Climate Wizard. The Indirect Evaporative Cooler still relies on cooling the air with evaporation of water: via a heat exchanger, the air cooled from evaporation is separated by the air supplied to the space: thanks to this innovation, the air supplied is colder and there is no moisture added. Climate Wizard can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with a traditional air conditioner, to pre-cool the air: in this case the consumption of the traditional unit would be dramatically reduced, saving in
running costs.
With more than 40 years’ experience in evaporative cooling products, Seeley International has an “Imagineering” group which includes many of the 50 engineers employed by the company, who meet regularly. It has been accredited by CIBSE to run CPD (Continuing Professional Development) seminars to engineers, which showcase the three main types of adiabatic (evaporative) cooling systems available: direct, indirect and sub-wet bulb.


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