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Cross-market study shows ‘food comes first’ at parties!

Food is universally key to a great birthday party, a new study by leading market research consultancy firm Kadence International suggests.
Kadence International is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Kadence conducted
a study across 12 markets to explore the ingredients of a perfect celebration. The countries sampled were Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.
Eight-eight per cent of all respondents selected food as the most important ingredient to a well-organised birthday celebration. In line with the study average, 84% of respondents from the UK put strong emphasis on food, closely followed by drinks (82%) and getting the right
music (73%).
Hong kong takes the ‘party hard’ title
Also identified in the study were six different party-attendee profiles across different countries and cultures. These were as follows: Party Mad – largely identified in India, Philippines and the United States; Party Shy – largely identified in Singapore and the United Kingdom; Party Planner – mostly found in Japan, with the guest list as their top priority item for a celebration; Planning Delegators – largely found in Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam; Party Socialiser most prominent in Malaysia and Thailand. Also associated with the culture of taking selfies which has a stronger Asian focus including countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam; Party Hard – the honorary profile goes to Hong Kong, with the highest preference over playing games and dancing at a party scene.
The study also presents analysis of different preference for a great celebration and gifts based on gender, age and geography. The full analysis can be found at Kadence’s 25th anniversary website (www.kadence.com/25th/) which has been launched along with a short party personality quiz for participants to discover which segment of party-goers they belong to.
Agency sought out by global consultancies
Kadence International is a full service insight agency with offices in the USA, UK, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. Founded in 1991, the agency delivers leading insight services across numerous sectors. Through its global data collection centres, Kadence International also offers fieldwork services and has become the agency of choice for some of the world’s largest management consultancies and market research agencies. With the energy, flexibility and ‘can-do’ attitude of a boutique-style agency, backed by the offices, processes and expertise of a global group, Kadence International is renowned for its
‘best of both’ agency offering.

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