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Features of X-ray and combination units appeal to visitors

161027 SCS1 SCS (UK) Ltd’s X-ray machine, and Combination Unit proved popular with visitors to PPMA Total. The X-ray machine allows detection of contaminants that cannot be picked up by a metal detector, including glass in glass. The quality of the product can be easily preserved and a brand name protected. It is user-friendly in operation terms and provides real time detection with colour contamination analysis. It can also offer: Masking functions, 24 hours non-stop operation, auto storing of inspection data, with time/date stamp, built-in remote maintenance and various reject devices with full BRC specifications. It is easy to clean and comes with a one-year warrant. UK support is available from Cassel Trained Engineers. The unit offers a convenient solution for metal detection and checkweighing. Separate rejects points mean that metal contaminants are removed before passing through the Checkweigher. A range of reject systems are available to suit each customer’s individual requirements. The machine comes with a two-year warranty. Service and parts are from the UK. Other features and benefits include: Strong sturdy design to give accurate weighing; high speed  (variable onpProduct selection) up to 400 Packs/min; multiple recipes; reliable operation from Windows embedded software; reject separate from Checkweigher, which removes metal contamination before being weighed; various reject devices to
suit product; data collection from USB to Excel files or Multiple Management to PC; highly sensitive metal detection with advanced features. It is easy to use, easy to clean, is BRC supermarket specification compliant, and is ethernet ready, with remote maintenance. The company
offers a wide range of metal
detectors, checkweighers and inspection equipment.  

016 1222 6361   I  vikki.singer@scsukltd.com

161027 SCS2

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