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Cassel X-ray unit XBD10

Recently SCS (UK) Ltd installed two X-Ray inspection machines into a factory in Lancashire. The challenge was to inspect a small 45g pot of oats with foil lid. Most X-Ray systems require a set of curtains to contain the X-Ray emissions. However, this system would have knocked the pot over as they are being presented at 200 packs/minute in a single file. One pot to tip over would have caused a knock on effect.

The solution was to provide a Cassel X-ray inspection system with long tunnels so the radiation would not exit the tunnel. This method meant that no curtains were required, thus eliminating the problem of pots tipping over.

Features & Benefits of XRAY XBD10

User-friendly operation: Large 17”color touch screen and intuitive, easy to use software. No special training is needed to operate the X-Ray device.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: Hygienic design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance

Real time detection with colour contamination analysis:Contaminated products are detected live and can be separated. On the touch screen the contamination is highlighted in red.

Masking functions: The advanced XIA 3 software program omits certain parts of the product from inspection. The masking prevents unnecessary false rejection of products.

24 hour non-stop operation: The most advanced technology allows non-stop operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reliable German safety standards – TÜV-approved: Extremely low radiation leakage rate –  only max. 1 µSv / h or less.

Ethernet and USB: USB and Ethernet interfaces as standard.

Auto storing of inspection data, with time/date stamp: All data can be stored for quality control and is provided with a time and date stamp. Data can be easily checked and analysed.

Built-in remote maintenance: If on-site technicians are unavailable, Cassel X-ray inspection systems have a built-in remote maintenance function.

For more information call: 0161 222 6361, email: sales@scsukltd.com or go to their website: www.scsukltd.com

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