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California Walnuts encouraged visitors to ‘Be Inspired’ at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair

Inspiring the trade in London: The California Walnut Commission was a partner for the 20th Anniversary of the Speciality and Fine Food Fair.

Throughout the event, visitors witnessed, first hand, the superior quality, unique taste and versatility that makes CA walnuts the best in the world. The Golden State is home to some 4,800 walnut growers, producing two-thirds of global walnut supply. The nuts are grown with care, in perfect conditions and harvested from late August to November each year before being processed to the highest quality standards. California Walnuts can classify as a superfood, having won the ‘Best Superfood’ Gold Award in The Healthy Food & Drink Awards 2019. California Walnuts’ health research has also resulted in the EU confirming the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved claim that a daily 30g handful of walnuts can have a positive effect on blood vessels’ elasticity and keeping the cardiovascular system healthy, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.*
The growing trend for plant-based eating and healthier dietary choices, means interest in nuts is on the rise. Across mainland Europe, California Walnuts have made headway with leading food manufacturers, developing nut butters and integrating walnuts into cheeses, yoghurts, chocolates and confectionery. Looking ahead, California Walnuts’ versatility makes them perfectly positioned to take advantage of the plant-based market. Speaking on behalf of the California Walnut Commission (CWC), Peter Meadows said: “One of our aims is to highlight the many ways you can enjoy California Walnuts, not only as traditional snacks and in baking, but in exciting new dishes and products.”

New and inspiring products are hitting the market, the CWC supported the Whitworths’ launch of a new range of snacks under the brand Gloriously Grown. These snacks feature the California Red ‘Livermore’ variety Walnuts and Sorbet Raisins which were displayed on the CA Walnut stand. The UK CWC team has also recently been working with BNUTZ, the artisan nut butter producer, creating a product with California Walnuts as a core ingredient. BNUTZ use premium organic ingredients, ethically sourced and free from palm oil, preservatives and refined sugar. *For more information and health references read the full article at: www.californiawalnuts.co.uk/trade/ \be-inspired/
For further details contact: trade@californiawalnuts.co.uk

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