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Perfect partners

Global snack giant Pladis is one of many FMCG companies that relies on Hireco’s unrivalled transport expertise

As leaders in the commercial leasing and finance marketplace, Hireco provides clients with expertly sourced assets, cost-effective financing, full maintenance management, efficient disposal and secure parking facilities, underpinned by outstanding customer service.
Starting in the 1970s, Hireco currently operates over 6000 assets around the UK and Ireland; 70 percent of which are supplied to the country’s top 100 transport companies, often on bespoke contracts of three to five years. One of the company’s trademarks is the age of its fleet, which is one of, if not the youngest in the business.
Hireco can now easily call itself the country’s biggest trailer buyer and has a phenomenally loyal customer base ranging from smaller owner operator businesses to multinational 3PL’s, one of which is Pladis Global.

Pladis’ Partnership with Hireco
Hireco has been partnering with Pladis, the global snacking company behind the iconic McVitie’s brand, since 2016, supporting the company with 213 tractor units and trailers, to deliver its much-loved biscuits and snacks to consumers across the country.
“Over the last three years our relationship with Pladis has grown from strength to strength,” said Tim Gibson, Sales Director at Hireco. “We understand the business goals and strategies and work very closely with Pladis to ensure these are achieved. The latest was a solution to ‘delivering more with less vehicles’; Hireco have supplied Pladis with 48 longer trailers.” Ian Bowater, Fleet Maintenance Manager at Pladis, said the company had proudly reduced its carbon footprint in the UK, largely by reducing road miles through the addition of those longer trailers. The vehicles have been designed as a trial by the Department of Transport and the initiative is expected to save a considerable volume of CO2. Along with the environmental benefits, the trailers are also in full livery supporting the company’s new McVitie’s ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign, aimed at promoting mental wellbeing by encouraging the nation to get talking. “Having impactful livery on these 48 new trailers is a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness and reach a wider audience whilst on the road,” explained Bowater.

Words from James Smith – Group CEO
Hireco’s Group CEO James Smith said 2019 had been an exciting year with the group working on a series of new platforms whilst welcoming new employees (all experts in their fields) to deliver new technology, new finance products – and a new asset rental and leasing division.
“These are remarkable times in the transport world,” he said. “People empower technology, technology empowers innovation, the landscape changes and the cycle begins again. But one thing has held true through the years, and that is, as leaders and peers, we cannot be successful alone.”
He added: “We understand that our customers are operating on many fronts at once. Their success requires that we consistently perform in a way that engenders trust from their employees, a quality interaction when they need to accomplish something, and ultimately delivers on their customers strategic objectives. This is at the core of our commitment, and we put this into practice daily by emphasising two primary themes: Customer Focus, and Superior Execution. For Hireco Group, it’s how we as individuals, and collectively as an organisation, drive toward a positive impact for our customers.”

For more information, call: 0330 124 5651, email: info@hireco.co.uk, or
visit their website: www.hireco.co.uk

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