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Amber glass packaging

US hair care brand Prose has chosen PONT Emballage to supply Beatson Clark’s 60ml amber glass jars for the launch of its new ROOT SOURCE™ personalised hair growth supplements.

Prose, based in Paris and Brooklyn, New York, has developed ROOT SOURCE™, a two-step process that works ‘from the inside out to help balance the scalp and improve hair health and growth’.

Cyrille Deschamp, VP of Operations at Prose, said: “We chose Beatson Clark’s amber glass for this product for two reasons: first, it allows us to protect the plant-based ingredients from UV ray exposure, keeping the product fresh and effective; second, caring for the environment is one of our core brand values and using glass is a more sustainable packaging option.”

Charlotte Pike, Marketing Manager at UK glass manufacturer Beatson Clark, said: “Amber glass offers a luxurious, premium look to any product, and because glass is inert, we can be sure there’s no risk the contents inside will be altered or damaged in any way. Amber glass is also great at protecting the product inside from harmful ultraviolet light.”

To find out more, visit: https://www.beatsonclark.co.uk/products/amber-glass or email sales@beatsonclark.co.uk

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