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Too much information – too little space?

Denny1With the UK and many other countries embracing a multi-cultural society, including several languages on 

your product has never been so important.

The amount of information that is now legally required on most products is at an all-time high, with further legislations coming into force all the time, for example back of pack nutritional labelling will be compulsory for pre-packed foods from 2016.

By using a Fix-a-Form multi-page label as your product label, you can add several languages in one go as we can produce up to 120 pages of extra space.  The added benefits of using a multi-page label is it eliminates the need for a separate label for each country, reduces production costs as you are only applying one label, potentially reduce stock holding and can aid in streamlining your export as no re-labelling is required.

Pintail candles, based in the Lake District, have been manufacturing candles for 20 years.  They have grown their business over the years and now export worldwide.  James Long of Pintail Candles explains how they utilise our multi-page label ‘Fix-a-Form is the ingenious device that allows our export campaign to happen.  It solves every logistical challenge associated with adding languages to products in one easy step allowing us to keep the product labelling design-led and contemporary’

Furthermore, it can help ensure your product labelling complies with relevant legislation as there is almost no limit to the amount of information you can include on your product label due to the large amount of pages we can create within the booklet label.

Denny3In some cases, by applying our Fix-a-Form multi-page label direct to the product, our clients have been able to do away with their outer packaging.  One example is when we teamed up with Paul Norman Plastics to develop a Fix-a-Form for the company’s new gumshield container to include usage, fitting and care instructions for its funky but functional Game Guard gumshields product range.  A spokesperson for the company said: ‘We wanted to improve our product offering with a new eco-friendly case without cardboard backings or plastic blister packs to throw away and improved fitting instructions, so we replaced the hand-folded instruction and usage leaflet and separate pack label with a Fix-a-Form that does both jobs in one.  By merging the two separate processes we have made cost-savings too.’

So ask yourself this simple question, can you afford not to incorporate Fix-a-Form multi-page labels into your packaging mix?

For further information please visit www.dennybros.com 


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