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Three-way portal from Ambaflex

With its tasty biscuits being sold in over more than 41 countries worldwide, this particular Ambaflex customer needed to update its facility in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for its sweets.




In this specific case, the customer had two lines coming together just before having to cross a critical logistic pathway, after which they each had to split again in order to get to separate packaging machines.



With an existing facility that’s already running various other projects, it’s always tough to find the most efficient way to increase the number of lines without sacrificing safety and accessibility. Especially so if the product being transported is unstable and fragile, like these biscuits.



As the customer has already had many positive experiences with AmbaFlex products the company trusted Ambaflex to come up with the best possible solution and they found it in the patented Portal ONE.



This solution solves two problems in one go: first, it creates a portal function which will keep the critical logistics paths open and safe. Second, using only one belt along the whole path, it cuts the number of needed transfers by half. Removing those transfers that would otherwise be suspended up in the air and hard to reach, ensuring a safe and stable journey of the products.



Taking the portal one solution and customising it to the customer’s needs resulted in a one of a kind three-way portal solution, made to solve the customer’s challenges in the most efficient way possible. After it elevates the two streams of biscuits with only a single dual-lane spiral, the two streams separate at the upper end where they each continue to their own spiral to transport them down again and deliver them to their respective packaging machine.



Creating one three-way portal instead of a traditional portal system for each line cuts down on total costs and floor space used. The end result, a happy customer with an efficient and safe upgrade to their facility.



One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in spiral conveyor solutions!




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