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Flexible, efficient, superior: Schubert’s pioneering packaging solutions

Schubert UK Limited is globally recognised as one of the market leaders in top-loading packaging machines, combining modularity and flexibility as a model for success.

Founded in 1966, Gerhard Schubert GmbH from Crailsheim, Germany, produces its digital robot-based packaging machines with a focus on the interplay between simple mechanics, intelligent control technology and a high degree of modularity.

This approach quickly saw Schubert globally recognised as one of the market leaders. With a philosophy and distinct culture of innovation, the business has been breaking technological ground for over 50 years. Schubert serves the needs of varied sectors such as Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Beverage, Pet Food and Healthcare. It attracts its many customers throughout the UK and Ireland with its modular, futureproof TLM technology that continues to prove itself as an outstanding long-term investment. Flexibility, performance, efficiency and scalability are the cornerstones of any investment for Schubert customers in the UK.

Aside from its’ own aspirations to provide state-of-the-art technology, Schubert UK considers sustainability and environmental protection to be central to the core focus of both itself and its customers. As a result, Schubert UK is committed to the program “Mission Blue”, launched by parent company Schubert Germany in 2022. Within this program Schubert describes how it will save resources and contribute to a liveable future.

In detail, Mission Blue contains four fields of action. Two of which – sustainable business management and climate-neutral manufacturing – concentrate on the manufacturing locations of Schubert. The commitment of Schubert UK to a liveable future is reflected by, for example, the fact that their entire vehicle fleet is equipped with either electric or hybrid drive and all energy consumed at the UK Headquarters is only sourced from ‘Renewable Energy’ providers. The other fields of the Schubert “Mission Blue” initiative, eco-friendly machines and sustainable packaging solutions, are focused on assisting its customers to reach their sustainability goals through the processes of packaging.




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