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Plug-and-play 3D vision delivered

imageSICK has launched its first ‘plug-and-play’ 3D vision sensor in the UK, the TriSpector 1000, delivering real-time 3D quality inspection in a self-contained unit that is simple to install and use. Developed by SICK in close cooperation with customers worldwide, the TriSpector 1000 is expected to open up affordable 3D vision sensing for a wide range of processing and packaging operations. It will provide FMCG product pick, placement, and packaging operations with true ‘out-of-the-box’ 3D vision without the complexity or cost of conventional 3D vision solutions. The SICK TriSpector 1000 is an entirely self-contained unit that can be set up using SICK’s SOPAS software interface without the need to write bespoke programs. Yet it has all the functionality needed for quality control inspection under high-speed industrial conditions.  

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