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Kite Packaging donate £22,000 to local charities

Kite Packaging, an employee share-owned business, has recently made sizeable donations to charities across the UK.

Each of the eleven company divisions votes on charities to support every year and in 2022, this donation value has doubled from £1000 to £2000. This reflects the growth of Kite and the succeeding desire to give back to areas of our community who may be struggling the most. Where there was a tie in votes, the sum was simply divided between the two top charities.

The Midlands Regional Distribution Centre (RDC), Kite Online (KOL), Kite Environmental Solutions (KES) and Central Administration, National Distribution Centre (NDC) and Warehouse make their four Coventry based divisions. They voted for Zoe’s Place, Coventry Haven Women’s Aid, Coventry Food Bank, East Midlands Children’s Heart Care Association and Myton Hospice.

Beyond Coventry, Kite have centres at Rotherham, North East, Swindon, Portsmouth, Sittingbourne, Letchworth and Shredhouse at Wiltshire. These bases voted for Andy’s Man Club, Sands, Rainbow Trust, CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund), STEP, Mind – Solent, Air Ambulances, SATEDA (Swale Action To End Domestic Abuse), Garden House Hospice and Youth Action Wiltshire respectively.

Many of the charities expressed recent challenges with staff losses and a drop in fundraising morale, making Kite’s contributions all the more important for the continuation of their services. Businesses have been reluctant to support charities in the past years due to concerns over their own financial security.

Following the continued success of Kite, the employees are delighted to be granted the opportunity to make a positive impact on aspects of their localities that may be struggling.



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