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A healthy delicate nutty taste


Alassala Organic Argan Oil, Finalist in the Best Healthy Oil Brand Category in the Veggie Award 2014 has a delicate nutty taste and is ideal for dipping, salad dressing, seasoning and drizzling over pasta, fish and meat. It is high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids effective at lowering cholesterol. Argan Oil is claimed to be the only natural cardio protective agent now available in the market.


It promotes the secretion of digestive enzyme, pepsin, to improve digestion, and has an anti-inflammatory action useful for reducing arthritic joint pains. Alassala Argan Oil is produced traditionally by women cooperatives in south west morocco. After cracking the nutshell, the inner “almond” is slightly toasted to prevent oxidation and then ground into paste and the golden oil extracted. It takes about 30 KG of Argan nuts and up to 12 hours of work to deliver just one litre of oil. 


Demand for Argan Oil is on the rise as customers are increasingly searching for new, innovative and authentic speciality products. That demand is also coupled with an increasing desire to have natural, healthy and ethical provenance.


This lead Argan Oil to be definitely set to become the next popular product for any Delis or Speciality Food Store who is after stocking finest rare oils to be used for special occasions. Moroccan Cuisine particularly and North African Cuisine generally are currently very fashionable and stocking an oil which is at the core of the Moroccan Cuisine culture will appeal to consumers who enjoy cooking special, ethical , tasty yet healthy  dishes to fulfil they healthy diet.


For further information please visit www.alassala.co.uk 




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